New Award for Classroom Teachers

The Mathematics Association for Cottage Country has instituted a new Award for classroom teachers.

The Jack LeSage/MAC 2 Teacher Award

This award will be presented annually to a classroom teacher who is working in the MAC2 region, for contributions to mathematics education in her/his school and/or family of schools.

The award will include a certificate and will cover the registration cost for a subsequent annual conference of OAME/AOEM.

Nominations have been extended until June 7th. Open up the nomination form online, and email or share it with

The award is named for one of the founders of MAC2, Jack LeSage, who has been an Executive member of the chapter multiple times, co-chair of the first OMO hosted by MAC2, and key organizer of each Annual Conference hosted in Barrie, as well as a guest editor of multiple special editions of the OAME Gazette. Jack was presented with the MAC2 LifeTime Achievement Award in September 2017 at our inaugural MAC2 reunion.

Jack was instrumental in drawing up the criteria for the award (though he had no idea we were planning to name it after him!), and has always felt that the most important part of our organization were the grassroots classroom teachers, who do the hardest and most important work day in and day out working with students. Many thanks to Bill Morrison (another founder, and the first MAC2 president) for his help/subterfuge in making this award a reality.

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